This is the timeline of Connie's life, from his birth in 1896 to his death in 1957.

6 April, 1896: Born to Michael and Mary McNamara in Cathedral Place.

Around 1901: Received his formative education at CBS, Limerick.

Early 1916: Joins volunteers and 'C' Company Limerick City Battalion.

Early 1916: His home becomes a despatch centre.

Easter Sunday 1916: In Killonan for the Easter Rising.

March, 1917: Joins 'A'Company 2nd Battalion.

Early 1917: Admitted in to the fourth division of the IRB.

February, 1918: Appointed 2nd Lieutenant of 'A' Company.

November 1918: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant of 'A' Company.

January 21, 1919: War of Independence officially starts.

April 6 1919: Attempted rescue of Robert Byrne, Adjutant of the Second Battalion.

Late 1919: Leaves home and goes on the run.

Late 1919: Promoted to Captain of 'A' Company 2nd Battalion.

January 24, 1920: Murroe RIC Barracks is attacked.

February 27, 1920: Raids premises of Captain Delmege.

March 7, 1920: Doon RIC Barracks is attacked.

April 9, 1920: Burns RIC barracks of Blackboy-Pike and Ballincurra.

May 7, 1920: Ballyneety Courthouse is burnt.

May 27, 1920: Kilmallock RIC Barracks is attacked.

July 11, 1920: Rearcross RIC Barracks attacked.

Mid July 1920: Arrested and used as a hostage by the British army.

August 1920: Transferred to Cork Jail.

August 1920: Transferred to Wormwood Scrubbs and then Winchester jail.

September 1920: Transferred back to Cork and was court martialled.

September 1920: Transported to Birmingham Prison where he served his sentence.

February 1921: Released and returns to Limerick.

March 1921: Re-arrested and sent to Spike Island.

June 1921: Transferred to Maryborough Convict Prison (now Portlaoise).

July 11, 1921: War of Independence truce declared.

December 9, 1921: Released from prison under a general amnesty.

February 1922: British forces start to withdraw from Limerick.

March 1922: Connie takes over Ordnance Barracks from Free State Forces.

March 1922: Takes over Castle Barracks from Free State Forces.

End of March 1922: Appointed commander of the Strand Barracks.

13 April, 1922: Republican forces occupy the Four Courts.

22 June, 1922: Free State troops begin shelling. The Civil War starts.

4 July, 1922: Truce in Limerick between Pro and Anti Treaty forces.

11 July,1922:Truce ends, fighting breaks out in Limerick.

15 July, 1922: The Free State forces attack on the Strand. Barracks repulsed.

19 July, 1922: Free State forces capture the Ordnance Barracks and Castle Barracks.

19 July, 1922: Free State forces try to plant a mine at Strand Barracks but are driven off.

20 July, 1922: Early morning attack by Free State forces on Strand Barracks driven off.
10:00 AM: Barracks to be shelled and forces told surrender. Connie responds, "he would not surrender while he had had ammunition". An 18-pounder Artillery Gun situated across the river in Arthur's Quay commences firing. A breach is made in the front of the barracks by 19 shells. The gun was then moved to the rear of the Barracks and 14 more shells were fired and a second breach in the rear of the building made. In order to spare needless loss of life, Connie surrenders the barracks.
8:00 PM: Connie and his men are then marched to William St. Barracks.
Days afterwards, Connie and his men were marched to Limerick Prison.

20 August, 1922: Michael Collins orders Connie's prison transfer.

28 August, 1922 Transferred to SS Arvonia.

9 September, 1922: prisoners disembarked at Dun Laoghaire and taken to Gormanstown Camp.

24 March, 1923: Civil War ends.

November 1923 transferred to Mountjoy Prison.

23 December, 1923: Connie was released from Mountjoy Prison.

1924 became secretary of the Limerick branch for the Irish Republican Prisoners' Dependents Fund (IRPDF) for two years.

1925 forced to emigrate to New York, for fear of his life.

1928 Returns to Limerick to bury his father.

October 8, 1929 Marries first time.

1930 forced to emigrate again.

1934 Returns to Limerick to his wife who is dying.

22 June, 1935: his first wife dies.

22 August, 1935: Connie starts work for Limerick Corporation.

18 February, 1936: Connie marries again.

8 December, 1957: Connie suffers a heart attack at home.

15 December, 1957: Connie passes away.

17 December 1957: Connie is buried in Mount St. Lawrence Cemetery with full military honours.